among the heaviest metals. Its electrical conductivity at 0 C is about 28% of that of silver which itself has the highest conductivity of all metals.

Tungsten Carbide

Titanium Rods

The grade of YF06 is suitable for machining composite materials, such as aluminum magnesium alloys, plastics, reinforced plastics and carbon fiber, iron-based alloys etc. It is recommended for making big PCB drills ofΦ3.2-6.3mm, micro drills ofΦ0.8-3.2mm, micro milling tools and reamers etc.

Tungsten Carbide Rods

Tungsten Carbide Cutters

Pure titanium is a lustrous and white metal, and has excellent mechanical properties. It has desity of 4.5g/cm3, 45% lighter than steel, and little heavier than magnesium. However, it is as strong as steel, twice stronger thatn aluminum, and fifth stronger than magnesium. The melting point of titanium is 1942k, 1000k higher than that of gold, and 500k higher than that of steel. Titanium is thermodynamically a very reactive metal. It will react with halogens, oxygen,, nitrogen, and hydrogen while

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Tubes & Pipes


Tungsten carbide plates are used for making heading dies and wearable parts etc.

Tungsten Carbide Plates

Titanium Plates & Sheets

We have a series of tungsten products which are machined from tungsten plates through CNC milling machines, from tungsten round bars or rods through CNC turning machines, and from EDM etc. Pure tunsgten can be worked easily. Our tungsten material is worked by forging, drawing, extruding or sintering. And the purity of our tunsgten material and products can be more than 99.95%.


Titanium & Titanium Alloy Foils

Drawing die is used for making battery shell, small steel ball, and general hardware products etc.

Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies

Titanium & Titanium Alloy Customized Products

Carbide Mining Bits

The common defining characteristic of ductile iron is the morphological structure of the graphite, which is achieved by spheroidization and modification. This characteristic has effectively improves mechanical properties, plasticity and toughness of cast iron, so that the strength of cast iron is higher than that of carbon steel.

Ductile & Gray Iron Castings

Carbide Drilling Bits

Brass & Copper

Tungsten Carbide Blanks


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